Love Stories

This is my first speech for the Blueswoosh Toastmasters Club.

Unfortunately, I could never keep the momentum of giving speeches going because of the business trips I had to take then as well as other extra-curricular activities. I would have wanted to share these once I finish my Competent Toastmaster (CTM) program but since the possibility of that now is pretty slim, I might as well share what I have done so far.

I wrote this outline sometime 2006 (I think!). I wrote a more detailed note but I can no longer find it in my digital archives. Luckily, I found a copy of the index card (yes, I am a hoarder) I had handy while giving this speech. [Note: I prefer keeping outlines handy rather than the entire word-for-word speech.]


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Love Stories

Women and Sports, Ryan’s greatest loves. Has his walk-of-fame in both covered courts of Miriam and Ateneo, satisfying these two loves. A prized import from Indonesia… He came through a Balikbayan box. With his hulk, one would not mistake him for an athelete, unless you had the WWF in mind. Nevertheless, he’s one of the greatest players in the UAPP Tennis Team. This guy plays basketball too. Then again, his first love will always be food. Food establishments along Katipunan have learned not to offer buffet as long as Ryan is around.

Most men struggle so hard to maintain this tough, macho-guy image. Although Ryan is halfway home given his hulkish frame, he does no hesitate to reveal his sentimental side. He openly allows people to see his softer side. Now that you think about it, it isn’t a wonder why Ryan is such a big man, it is to complement his big heart.

— My College Year Book Write-up

Women >>>
– Can we skip that?!?

Sports >>>
– Very athletic family.
– Very competitive family.
– Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Badminton.
– Injuries all the time.
– So you must be wondering, why am I still underheight?!?
– And so I now talk about my next love…

Food >>>
– What more need I say?!?
– Right before your very eyes is proof of how much I love food.

My Love Ones and My Family!!!
– This is the sentimental side
– Dr. Love-less, Kuya Ryan, etc
– Leader in SFC & YFC
– Family… I love them but I have never been very showy about it.




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