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Ayala Foundation Presents: Juan Great Leap, Transforming Your Idea Into Startup Success

I just came from a startup event organized by Peter Cauton of JuanGreatLeap. I honestly did not have any idea the agenda was or who the speakers were when I registered. I just enjoyed reading his blog that I quickly signed up when he announced the event.

When Peter explained the format in his keynote, I initially thought that I might have been wrong, that I might get bored. A keynote and forum discussion did not sound too appealing to me.

It was a good thing, however, that I was proven wrong.

Peter’s keynote was clear and simple, and very inspirational. The key messages that I got were:

  • Do Not Settle!
  • Start with your Passion because that will make you stand out
  • Find out how that Passion will give value to others!
  • If you have a chance to change the world with your passion, then go for it!

The stories and experiences shared by the samurais (panelists) were also very interesting. I especially loved the advices they shared.

  • Glenn Santos: Optimism and Realism
  • Howard Go: Know your real skill-set. Have a risk and reward matrix
  • Denton Chua: Decide!!!

Unfortunately, I did not really get to network as much as I wanted to because, as always, I was too shy to do so. Besides, I have not really thought out my start-up idea so I did not really have  much details to share. I did enjoy the discussion I had with former colleagues (Edge, Milo and Mixie) though, brainstorming on their start-up ideas.

I’m looking forward to other similar events and possibly more brainstorming sessions… and using all these learnings to prepare me for my start-up idea, so that soon I too will be able to Take That Leap!

By the way, you can follow the samurais on Twitter:





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  • Nice post Rye! Don’t worry, you already have the passion. The idea will come soon enough. Or maybe it’s here already, a confluence of software and sports perhaps? I feel as a country engrossed in sports, we need more startups in that space.

    • Thanks, Glenn. I’ll definitely consider that suggestion with my other sports enthusiast friends.

  • And after 2 weeks, poof! – STARTUP PLANS! Amazing, Ryan 🙂