Nope, that is not a misspelling. I am actually talking about a bar and grill at Liberty Center along Shaw Boulevard.

But, like Google, it was also a place where we tried to seek out answers to some existential questions. Okay, I admit that was a bit of a stretch but I just had to include that.

Anyway, it was not supposed to be that kind of night. The wifey’s met up with her high school friends to show support for one of their girls, but since she did not want to open up, they looked for other ways to keep us occupied through the night. Usually, the usual conversations would focus on catching up with each other and maybe current events (and gossips?) but somehow, we ended up with these unusual questions (at least in bars).

The questions ranged from something as simple as Most Embarrassing Moment to Greatest Thing You’ve Done For Love. There was also a question that kinda made me pause and think: In a relationship, do you want to be the one who loves more or the one who is loved more? And of course, there is the perennial question of What is Love?

For privacy reasons, I will not divulge to answers given but, I have to say, it was a pretty interesting discussion.

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