Foodie Friday: Palmera

After being stuck in traffic for over an hour to get to a basketball game, I was dead-tired after the game. And since nothing beats a food trip like a food trip after a tiring game of basketball, off we went to Palmera Dimsum House.

I have never been there before but with the raves it was getting from my friends, my tummy was excited. They did a good job in keeping my expectations in control though, telling me that it was more of quantity over quality.

Despite the good number of patrons ahead of us, we did not have to wait too long for our food to be ready.

Shanghai Rice

The Shanghai and the Yang Chow (no picture) Rice were OK. They are not as generous with their  “sahog” (ingredients) as other restaurants I frequent.

Still, at P60 for two persons, this lived up to my expectations.

Buttered Chicken

It was definitely not the kind of buttered chicken I am used to. Of course, it’s probably not fair since I was looking for something like those from Narra – Butuan (I need to take photos and write about this in my next visit to Butuan) or that home-cooked goodness from my Korean classmate’s mom back in High School. This felt more like a sweet and sour chicken, with the meat really soggy.

Even at P150 and that hefty serving, I would not order this again.

Garlic Chicken

I am not a fan of garlic but, surprisingly, I enjoyed this one. I have to say that some of the chicken could have used more time in the fryer (and drainer too) but overall, this was pretty good.

At P150 and that hefty serving, this was good.

Crispy Pata

The highlight of the night, which a Crispy Pata usually is unless you have a Lechon in the house,  was really good. As with the garlic chicken, I felt that there were some parts that could have used more time in the fryer (especially the ones with the fat). Still, at P250 with that much serving, this was worth it.

Just so you get an idea of the cost, here’s what six hungry guys had:

2 Yang Chow Rice : P120
1 Shanghai Rice : P60
2 Crispy Pata : P500
1 Garlic Chicken : P150
1 Buttered Chicken : P150
2 Coke/Sprite : P100
6 Rice : P60
Total : P1140

Not bad for less than P200 per hungry guy!


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