Foodie Freak: ChiliPeppers & Grubshack Express

November 29, 2011

On the way out with my former office mates last November, we decided to grab a bite first knowing that the food prices at bars are ridiculously high.

I decided to go with an old reliable…

Here’s what we ordered:

Beef Rice from Chili Peppers
Beef Rice

There’s nothing fancy about the Beef Rice from Chilipeppers. It’s probably just rice with soy sauce and bits of beef. However, the serving size (especially the rice) is probably good for two, maybe three, folks so it is something I definitely go for when I am really hungry (just like that day). Today though, I shared the dish with a friend but not because I’m on a diet… it’s because I ordered another dish from the restaurant next door.

Honey Lemon Chicken from Grubshack Express
Honey Lemon Chicken

I am not really a fan of Honey Lemon Chicken, and wanted to try the BBQ one instead, but my friend insisted. I have to say he knows his stuff. I really enjoyed the dish and would recommend this to all my friends.


The Bill
Lemon Chicken Lollies : Php 95.00
Beef Rice : Php 95.00 /2
Total : Php 142.50

Grubshack Express & ChiliPeppers are located at the Cosmopolitan Tower, 134 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. Call them at +63.2.813.6275.


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    Thank you for your feedback! Your comments are much appreciated. It fuels our passion to provide affordable, quality meals, with good service. -Grub Shack and Chili Peppers Valero Management

    • Thanks for the comment! Keep up the good work.