Exercise ==> Drain

My teammate from the ABL has been inviting me to join him (and his office mates) in their weekly games. I really needed the exercise so I really wanted to join them but I just kept getting conflicts on my schedule. Finally, our schedule was finally in sync and I was able to join them.

I wanted to make sure that I didn’t play on an empty stomach so I ordered a light meal before the game.

Pumpkin Soup | Echostore

The soup of the day from ECHOstore was pretty good and it went perfect with the biscuit (it’s not really biscuit but I forgot what they called it). However, I felt that the price was a little steep (around Php 200.00 I think). Then again, I did use their WiFi for almost three hours so that balances things out.

Basketball went pretty well although my knees buckled a bit, probably from the relatively long layoff. We were a bit exhausted though because the air was really thin (the basketball court was three floors underground).

And so, here’s when the exercise night went down the drain…

After playing ball, we were looking for a place to hang-out a bit to discuss business. Leave it to two exhausted overweight men to decide to go to a diner instead of a simple coffee shop.


I’ve never been to GRAMS Diner (a business meeting was unfortunately canceled a couple of months ago) but have heard some good things from friends.

GRAMS World Famous US Beef Tapa

Since it was supposedly one of their best-sellers, I decided to go for this breakfast item (despite being past 10pm). It was actually really good. Unlike your usual tapa though, this was pretty dry and crispy, and was closer to the taste of bacon ( which is always good =) ).

I would pick this over most tapas out there, except for the ones from Tapsi Ni Vivian. [Note: When I started eating at Tapsi Ni Vivian, it was not (as the author wrote) “simple and very clean” but the quality of their tapa has remained the same.]

GRAMS Iced Tea

I usually don’t order drinks when dining out but since I was thirsty from our basketball game and because of the pretty cool description on their menu (“our very own brew using ultra-secret recipes but the ice is supplied by outside contractors who requested anonymity”), I decided to go for this.

It was good but I had to add some water since it was a tad too sweet for me.

The Wifey and Mr Fonte

Overall, it was a pretty good dining experience. Next time though, I’ll probably visit at an earlier time. Sleeping on a full stomach is never good.


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