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As I was going through my archive bookmarks, I discovered a blog I created a couple of years ago: https://lovemd.wordpress.com. Don’t bother opening the link since I have just deleted it! Besides, I’m going to include the contents of the site in this post (there’s not much to share anyway).

The Love Doctor

Here’s the About page:

Welcome to Love MD!

LoveMD.com is a free public service, offered by an amateur relationship counselor to help answer people’s questions on dating, sex and love.

The author of this site is an not a licensed therapist, nor does he have lots of relationships to boast of. His knowledge in the subject matter comes from his vast experience in helping out friends and love ones cope with their relationship woes, supplemented by numerous books and articles on the topic.

The main goal of this site is to share the lessons he and his friends have learned through the years, as well as to help those who have similar problems.

Here’s the first (and only) post:

Someone sent me this private message on facebook a couple of weeks ago:

Janine Heikkinen October 5 at 11:14am

Hi Dr143,

I am a friend of Winford Deyo, sorry to bother you I am just going through some issues with him and I need someone to talk to just to understand him. You seem like a nice person and he tells me u’r one of his friends who knows him through and through and probably can help me with my troubles with him. Please, please don’t tell him I tried reaching out to you coz I know he won’t like it. I work in Makati and was wondering if we can meet for lunch or coffee?


Although I am used to talking to strangers (well, acquaintances) about their love problems… this was certainly a first. Someone I have not even met yet asking for my help. I hesitated at first but she was so adamant and really sounded desperate that I just felt that I really needed to talk to her. I know, I know… I shouldn’t have but I just have a weak spot for these stuff (… there goes the reason for this blog).

— my next post will be about our conversation

Since this took place a looooong time ago, I can no longer remember the specifics. One thing I remember though is that the conversation became all for naught. We had agreed on a plan of action for her but, unfortunately, she did not push through with them. And since she did not reach out again, I decided it was none of my business.

Come to think of it now, I’ve had many such “failures” with my (unofficial) counselees, coachees, call-em-what-you-want. I used to get really frustrated when this happens but, as I matured, I realized that I can only do so much. I can only guide them so far. To use a medical analogy, Dr Love can prescribe the medicines and treatments, but if the patient does not have the discipline to follow-through… they’ll just have a relapse.



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