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As I mentioned in my About page, apart from my love of sports… another thing that I am passionate about is about being a geek.

I used to be active in numerous communities, like the Microsoft Philippines Community (, even becoming part of the core members of the MS Club at one point. Unfortunately, since I decided to move to software testing, the contents of the forum has become mostly irrelevant for me. And so, although I continue to keep in touch with the friends I made in the community (through Facebook), I slowly kept away from the community.

This is why as soon as I quickly signed up on the Software Testing Club when I read about them in an article somewhere. However, I have mostly been a lurker because I was too shy to be post comments. However, I became inspired by all the STC Meetups happening all over the world as well as the numerous geographical-based communities sprouting up.

So, a couple of months ago, I finally got the courage to send an email to one of the testers that I’ve been following (stalking) online, Michael Bolton (of I was a bit hesitant at first since his fame kind of intimidated me but he did encourage people to approach him through his site, so why not 🙂 Although I was unable to follow-through from that initial contact due to certain family affairs, his warm response really made me feel at ease and encouraged me to become more active in the community… and I promise to slowly follow his instructions to me soon.

I also found other folks in the community who (although seemingly scary if you judge them by their tweets) are so warm and welcoming. One such tester is Ilari Henrik Aegerter (of who was offering free Skype coaching sessions for testers. One email to him was all that was needed for him to agree to be my coach (although we did exchange a couple more emails to iron out the scheduling problem due to the time zone differences). We had our first session last week (more on that soon) and have planned out our next session already.

My dream would be to be able to also build up a community of software testers in the Philippines and, who knows, maybe even become another kind of coach… a testing coach.


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Coach Rye

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Ryan Salvanera is an Executive Coach who helps teams and individuals maximize their unique powers, taking them from good to great to AWESOME! Ryan is the Founder of Coach Rye and a Co-Founder of Wissen Solomon and StrengthsCoach.PH.

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