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Wedding Crashers (2005)

Wedding Crashers is a 2005 romantic comedy about two divorce mediators from Washington D.C., John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, who frequently “crash” wedding parties to meet women, working from a set of rules taught to them by a past crasher, Chaz Reinhold. The duo always has cover stories for inquisitive guests and inevitably become the hit of every reception. Their goals are to enjoy the free food and drinks and ultimately to charm their way into bed with women from the wedding for a one-night stand. (taken from Wikipedia)

I have watched this flick a couple of times (in the movie house as well as on TV) and continue to enjoy it. But thinking about it some more, I would probably not have found it funny if someone had crashed our wedding. Strangers feeding off our hard-earned money is certainly not my idea of fun.

However, I was reminded of something worst than wedding crashers when I attended my friend’s wedding last weekend.

While having a sumptuous reception dinner at The Loft, I could not help but notice that Table 17 was completely empty. Backing out of your RSVP without enough advanced notice is the worst thing that you can do in a wedding. I guess I feel this way because I remember the countless hours the wifey and I spent working on the guest list.

Some people might think I am taking it too personally, but how else was I supposed to take it. The thought that I had hand-picked someone to be part of one of the most important day of my life (crossing other friends and family out), only to be snubbed, is nothing but personal.

Anyway, I’m not judging the people (who were supposed to be) on Table 17. Something really important might have come up. Or maybe there was an emergency that kept them from attending. I just hope they got to inform the bride or the groom about it.

Note: The wifey was actually not feeling well that day so she could not come. I still went because I was feeling OK and, besides, I had RSVP’d to Ilian personally.

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