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The Greatest Battle Lies Within
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I love meeting with old friends (from Youth For Christ) and reminiscing about the good ol’ days… when life was so much simplier and the biggest problems we had were that the girls we liked did not like us back. These meetings and get-togethers serve as a break from the daily stress.

Usually, we’d end up laughing our asses off about the crazy stuff we did back then.

  • The things we did for our crushes
  • The siblings who fought because of a missing P50 bill
  • The “unknown” owner of the  underwear with skidmarks
  • And a lot more

Of course, we also take time to update each other with what’s going on with each other’s lives. Though, more often that not, we update each other about other people’s lives. 🙂

One particular evening, however, ended up on a more serious note (at least for me). I was struck by what a friend (from a much-younger generation) said, “when I was young, I really looked up to <insert_name_here> and it shocked me to see how he is now!” We all laughed and started teasing <insert_name_here>. However, those words really hit home as it reinforced my belief about the credibility of leaders, past and present.

I did not (in anyway) grow up to be a saint but I’d love to think that I do try my best to walk the talk that I used to give back then. I try my best to do the right thing because I know that even though it has been years since I have led these youth members, I still feel that I am accountable for them. In fact, one way I managed my battle within (against the craziness and temptations surrounding me) is by constantly thinking about my past members and asking, “what would they say if they found out…”

Uncle Ben was right, “with great power comes great responsibility…” and even if it has been years, we as past leaders still have that tremendous power to influence those we used to lead…


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  1. Great writeup as always uncle bear! 🙂 
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