OprahEven before entering the gym, people already knew that I am coaching in the game. You can hear me barking instructions (and what-notes) from miles away. Although my delivery method (that of shouting) is not something that everyone would agree on, I’m sure most will agree that sharing tips and communicating instructions is part of a coach’s life.

But what if you cannot walk the talk or, in my case, follow your bellow?

This is exactly what happened to a well-known “relationship expert” recently…


Psychotherapist and marriage counselor Sharyn Wolf talked to Oprah about her happy marriage.

The thing is, she wasn’t being completely truthful. She now reveals her own marriage was a mess and she’s just written a book about living a lie.

I’m sure most will be quick to judge Sharyn for “deceiving” the public. However, being a coach (counsellor) myself, I feel I know where she is coming from.

For example, as a coach, I often shout things like, “Move the ball,” “Keep your hands up!,” (ugh!) “Defense” and (ugh! ugh!) “Keep your composure.” But, as a player, I too have difficulty following those same principles. I too get shouted at by my coaches.
Am I a hypocrite for expecting those things from my players when I do not always do them?

I do not think so.

The way I see it, what makes it different (easy) as a coach is that you are getting  you a third-person’s view on the problem/situation at hand. You do not need to step back to think things through since, more often than not, you are not totally immersed in the situation. This allows you the ability to see the bigger picture and give sound advices.

So, yes, when you talk to me as your coach, (sometimes) you’ll have to be content to “Do As I Say, Not As I Do…”

The excerpt above actually reminded me of another “relationship expert” who went through something similar. Although his story ended up better. Read Joe D’Mango’s Love Story.

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