I did a search on the Filipino term “Torpe” and came up with these: According to Pinoy Guy Guide:

“torpe” is the term used to describe a guy, who is so in love with a girl but is too shy to admit his feelings for her

Another site has this to say:

To call a man torpe means he does not know how to court a girl, is playing innocent, or does not know she also has an affection for him.

Google simply translates it to:


  1. sheepish
  2. stupid

As an expert on this subject, since I am actually pretty familiar with this term after being called such for the longest time, I would probably argue about the “stupid” translation.

Since high school, I’ve always had crazy confidence in school (well, except for recitation which is worthy of another long discussion). I was also oozing with confidence (maybe a little too much… fine, definitely way too much) in sports. But when it comes to the girls I like… (zip) (zero) (nada)

The article from Pinoy Guy Guide actually says some pretty accurate things about being torpe, specifically why being “torpe” doesn’t work. Well, it is actually entitled Why being “torpe” will NEVER work, but I’d like to think that it may be able to work in your favour too. It worked for me because when I met the ONE, she knew how serious I was because I did things for her that I normally didn’t do… I went beyond my torpe-ness for her.

So my advice to those who are torpe? Don’t worry about it, when the right one comes along, you will find a way to force yourself out of your shell because you know you’ll beat yourself up if you let her off.

Then again, some do allow this to happen… so I guess “stupid” does not sound so bad after all.

I love this song… but here are some of my thoughts about the video:

  1. The guy is either
    • not really in love with the girl because he did not force himself to pursue her, or
    • stupid (plain and simple)
  2. The girl settled… and so she deserves to have that ass for a boyfriend
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