Team Enema

It has been more than five years since I first coached Team Enema.

This was back when they were still in their late teens and were competing in the Village East Basketball — Juniors Division. Much has changed since then… Since then, all of the players have moved up to the Seniors Division and have aptly joined my team, Ruby Soho. Soon, the Ruby Soho team name will be retired and the team will again be called Enema.

Before that though, I’d like to look back down memory lane and show some old articles I wrote during Enema’s back-to-back championship reign.

Coaching 101

Correction: This was actually now my first time to be the head coach. I used to coach a ladies’ basketball team back in High School.

I would sometimes take over during the absence of our coach and so I thought that coaching was easy. All you had to do was show up for the game and make adjustments along the way. Boy was I wrong…

For the first time in my basketball career, I was tasked to be the head coach of a team. Sure, it’s just a summer league in our division but if you know how intense and heated the games are there, you wouldn’t think of this as a small feat.

For one, gone where the days when I would come to the game and depend on luck and quick decision-making without a proper game plan. I had to come up with schemes and drills to get everyone physically ready for the games. I had to get the players to understand the set plays. I had to prepare them to take the proper shots.

But this was the easy part… The hard part was the mental preparation. To be able to withstand the pressure and the jeering crowds. To calm though even if your 20-point lead is suddenly down to two. To know the right pass, the right shot at the right time.

Did I succeed in imparting this knowledge to them? I’m sure it wasn’t all about me, but heck, it’s only fair that I take some credit for their 10-0 run to the championship.

Congratulations again, ENEMA!!!

Coach Ryan

I created this post a few weeks before we had our first lost in two years. I guess losing was not that far off from happening after all. The good thing about it though was that I was right. Losing certainly brought out their character as a team.

Again, Congratulations to Team Enema!

This is the second coaching stint for me. For two straight years, I have been asked by Team Enema to coach them. Last year, they were 11-0, sweeping all the games from eliminations to the semis up to the finals. This year, despite a change in lineup, they are well on their way to yet another sweep.Most people would think that this wonderful record is the reason why I stayed on as caoch. Truth be told, if I had a choice, I would want this team to lose a game. Why? Because that would be the best way to teach them what I wanted to teach them in the first place. You see, basketball is not simply a game to me, basketball thought me discipline and this is what I aspire to give to these kids.

Losing would have thought this team so much more than winning but since I cannot ask them to lose intentionally, I try to do the next best thing. I try to teach them while winning. Fouling hard is allowed, but cheap shots will not be tolerated. Complaining to the refs are ok, but getting T’s will keep you in the bench (starter or not) even in the final minutes. Trash talking is ok but, after the game, I expect everyone to share hands and be real sportsmen.

For me, one can have that killer instinct, going for a 103-48 blowout, without being arrogant about it. I’d love to lose a game just to teach these kinds to be gracious in defeat.. but since that is far from happening, I’ll just continue to teach them to be humble winners.



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  • carlo

    Will never get old reading this…good memories! =)

    • Anonymous

      Yup, good memories indeed.

  • jay

    nice coach rye!!pati tira ko pinapabago mo..sabagay tama ka naman..di ako si kobe,,feeling lang..hahaha! di ko matandaan kung kasama ako sa enema na team na ikaw nag coach eh..pero alam ko, ikaw ung isa sa mga nagturo sakin magimprove noon kasi pinaprangka moko kung mali ako..which is good..constructive criticism. pero sayang, di ko na magamit..hehehe!

    • Anonymous

      If I recall correctly, kasama ka dun sa first year. Well, if you had listened earlier… you might have avoided injuring your back 🙂 Hehe. Ingat dyan and see ya soon.