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During the first meeting, Coach Pia introduced the idea of clean-sweeping to me. However, she simply gave a brief description of it and all I left with was that it was a process (or ritual, if you may) that a coach needs to undergo to allow him/her to be better “present” for a coachee.

This time around, we dwelved deeper into the topic


From my understanding, it is a process of reflecting / looking into yourself to find hindrances to your journey as a coach. In layman’s terms, these hindrances are what we often refer to as excess baggage which can affect our relationships. Although this process can come naturally to people in some situations/scenarios (major life decisions, near-death experiences, and the like)a coach will need to consciously initiate this process without external pressure.

The actual process that Coach Pia discussed with me seemed simple enough. It went something like this:
– Identify your *Tolerations*
– Tolerations are simply things/events that we simply “ignore” and “tolerate”
– It could be big stuff like an unfaithful partner or simple things like an unkempt desk
– Essentially these are things that pile up and cause our stress to shoot up
– Develop & Implement a Plan to overcome/eliminate these tolerations
– Repeat steps 1 & 2 regularly

Of course, the operative term their is “seemed” because from my experience, following a routine is never easy. Whether it be setting up your weekly calendar (ala Seven Habits), setting up a clean-up session for Getting Things Done or even just following an exercise plan… routines easier started than they are maintained.

So far, I have scheduled it for every Wednesday nights. I was initially thinking of setting more sessions in a week. However, I felt that I wanted to get into this slowly and really take time to process my tolerations. Rushing will probably just result to un-resolved issues and would just haunt me in the end.

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