Still Shouting…

ScreamTeam O’s game last Friday started slowly… after the first four minutes, I was forced to call a time-out (something I hardly do). Despite trailing 2 to 12, I kept calm and just told the guys to focus and to just play with more energy.

Their response was awesome.

Right after the time-out, they were all over the court, pressuring the ball-handler and contesting all the opponents’ shots. With the defense in full gear, our offense came naturally as we pushed the ball every time we had a chance, constantly pressuring the opponents’ defense…

After the first quarter, we were probably up by 10 and by the time the first half was done we were probably up by 20… and just when everyone thought I’d be happy, that’s actually when the shouting began. “Get down on defense! Why are we jogging down! Run! Run! Run!”

Was I just looking for an opportunity to scream at my players? Am I just some sadistic jerk who gets pleasure from shouting at them?

Errr… that’s probably part of the reason… but really, it’s all about making sure that the team does not develop a bad habit. Starting slow is understandable (for now; next time, they need to stretch and warm up better) but there is no excuse for slacking, and if the team needs to understand that the intensity and the energy must be full blast for the entire 40 minutes!

I am just hoping that the lesson sticks with them for the duration of the tournament so I won’t lose my voice screaming the entire 40 minutes 😉

BTW: Thanks, Team O, for not screaming at me when I played without intensity for a brief moment. Lost my coordination for a minute there when I got elbowed on my ear 🙂

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  • Anton

    “Screaming is a motivational tool. Like Christmas bonuses… or sexual harassment. It’s just good business.” -Barney Stinson

    Good game nonetheless, coach. hehe.

    • Anonymous

      Haha. Nice quote, pre!

      I’ll try to lessen the screaming though… I need to watch my BP level 🙂