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It was obvious from my first entry on Coaching The Coach that I never seriously considered going to training for life coaching. All that started to change a couple of weeks ago and I have since attended my first Life Coach training session with Coach Pia of One Core.


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The Evaluation

I had my initial meeting with Coach Pia two weeks ago. It was not really a formal evaluation but it was a dialogue for her to understand where I was coming from and for me to understand where I really wanted to go with this. On hindsight, it was an important meeting because it made me trust that she was looking out for what’s best for me, and did not just hastily enroll me in any program. Apart from that, it did save me some money as I was given the option to skip a workshop (since she felt I was ready to advance given my current state).

The Training

The training / workshop consists of six meetings with Coach Pia. In these workshops, we will go through skills, techniques and methodologies that life coaches can use in coaching situations. Apart from that, we will also go into my personal experiences for us to identify problem areas that may hinder me from being an effective coach.

It’s a long way to go but, with how the 1st session went, I am really excited about the learnings I will take home from this workshop.

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