punkdApril Fool’s Day has never been big in the countries that I have lived in. But, this has never stopped me (and my friends) from playing practical jokes on people…

Here are some of the most memorable pranks (yet)…

[Note: This is NOT part of the stuff I coach! Although, I think I can still help people come up with some pretty awesome practical jokes]

The Day in Commerce Class:

  • I cannot remember the exact date but this must be the wackiest day ever. We just did crazy things during the entire class.
  • We sprayed the professors’ eyeglass container with one of the stinkiest Axe sprays  ever
    • His reaction when he wore his glasses was classic
  • We blew up a condom and stuck it on the whiteboard together with a napkin
  • It got so crazy that the supervisor burst into the class and scolded all of us, and even instructed the girls to move to another room…
    • What made it worst was when she opened the door for the girls and she discovered our last prank, the glue on the knob. You could almost see smoke coming out of her ear.

One Day in Commerce Class:

  • We had homework and (almost) the entire class submitted a photocopy (of someone’s work) as their answer.


  • One of our classmates always had a Coke in Can for lunch
  • While he was out, we made a hole at the bottom of the can and drained half the soda
  • To cover our tracks, we replaced the soda with water and covered the hole with clay
  • His reaction when he drank his “soda” was priceless

My Girl

  • Bai and I called up Jopet one Saturday afternoon
  • We told him that we would drop by his place (where he was staying with his whole family)
  • The catch was that we had a girl with us, and that we had “paid” her to act as Bai’s date to the wedding we had just attended
  • “Jopet! You should meet her, you might want her services as well”
  • Jopet, the proverbial nice-guy, was begging us not to drop by
  • His reaction when we drove up to their gate was indescribable… and even more funny was how he could not even say “Hi” to the girl
  • The girl was actually my then-girlfriend, and now Mrs. Salvanera 🙂

The Call

  • Sleeping is the worst thing you can do when the whole gang is around
  • This was the mistake LV did while we were hanging out at my place
  • We grabbed his phone, open his address book and added my number to RD’s contact details
  • We called the phone several times so it would register around 10 missed calls
  • Then we texted something like “I’ve been calling you so many times! Where are you? You were supposed to pick me up”
  • Again, priceless reaction when he woke up and checked his phone.

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How about you? What were the practical jokes you?


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  • Nonilon Salvanera-jr

    masyado ka excited, daming typo errors! hahaha! but good practical jokes, good thing you never planned one on me!

    • Anonymous

      Ooops! Haha. That’s what you get for writing an article past midnight…

      I usually have accomplices when I do these practical jokes and, I don’t know why but, nobody ever dared doing one on you…

      Hmmm… sounds like a challenge to me 😀