Nike We Run Manila 10K 2011

Nike We Run Manila 10K 2011


October 15, 2011 — This was my second 10k run and, just like the first, I was not well prepared. The rainy weather, which not only made it difficult to run but also made me sick, kept getting in the way.

So it was really no surprise that I already felt some pain on my foot even before the 4KM mark… and then cramped up just after I passed the 8KM mark. Still, it was far better than the first one I did a couple of months ago. For starters, I timed about 5minutes quicker (I think!) though the official results are not yet out. Then again, I never got to know my official time from that (poorly organized) first 10K.

Here are other things I experienced/realized during the run:

  • Runs can be a great bonding experience
    • I saw, and was quite envious, some lovers running beside each other, egging them on without being too aggresive
    • There was a mom running hand-in-hand with her daughter (less than 5yrs I think)
    • Joshua (yup, Kris Aquino’ child) getting help from his friends.
  • Runs can also be a not-so-great bonding experience
    • A dad scolding his daughter for dropping her towel and shouting at her (in front of everyone) to hold it
    • A few meters after I saw that a similar-looking towel on the floor again.
    • A couple arguing because the guy was “demanding” that they run instead of walk… The girl was obviously irked and was shouting, “Eh di tumakbo ka! Hindi naman tayo kailangan sabay eh! Takbo na” (Why don’t you run then? We don’t have to run together! Go, run!)
  • RunRio events are really well-organized. Water stations were present every 2KMs, keeping the runners well hydrated.
    • For comparison, the last one I joined had a total of 1 water station… Well, a motorcycle went around distributing drinks but that does not really count.
  • In relation to water stations, I noticed that some runners can be real asswipes.
    • Nobody said thanks to those serving the drinks — at least I didn’t hear anyone
    • I saw one jerk grab all the powerade on the table and pour them into his water bottle. So the rest were left with just water.
  • There were also some sad sights
    • Streetchildren who were so impoverised that they were actually asking runners for their water, some actually fighting over them.

I was too puffed from running so I skipped the after-party. Still, it was definitely a good experience, and a measuring stick for all the future runs I’ll be joining.

I really liked their imposing the wearing of the official shirt/singlet as it highlighted the number of participants. Although I would have preferred it if they had a bigger size… the one I wore made me look like an orange balloon about to burst (pictures to follow… or not!)
One thing I did not like though was how they had to give me the B.S. that I got a “Special Edition” shirt from Singapore, so instead of a We Run Manila shirt, I got a We Run SG shirt. Come on, guys! Just tell me that you ran out of large size shirts for Manila, I’ll understand.

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