Good Start for Team O

Oracle Arena

The TNG 2011 Basketball Tournament kicked off last Saturday, April 2, 2011.

The Net Group, one of the Philippines’ leading property developers, organizes an annual sports tournament for all its buildings’ tenants. The tournament includes games like basketball, badminton, billiards and other sport activities.

The first game featured our team, Team O going up against Team W.

The first quarter started out pretty slow and tight, and ended with nobody having a clear advantage over the other. This was expected since the players were still getting comfortable with each other.

However, it was a different story after that… Team O’s defense picked up, led by the towering and swatting presence of our center, and this in turn led to numerous fast-break conversions. Apart from the fast-tempo game, we also got a great boost from the sizzling-hot shooting of one of our pure-shooters, and , in the end, we won with a pretty good margin.

Despite the win, there are definitely some areas we need to work on:

  1. Our guards need to do a better job in keeping the lanes closed
    • We had too many penetrations from the opposing guards
  2. Our bigs need to do a better job in boxing out
    • There were defensive sets where our opponents had multiple second-chance opportunities
  3. We need to swing the ball faster
    • There were offensive sets where our opponents did not have to move because our ball movement was very slow

All-in-all though, I was pretty satisfied by our team’s showing. This was obvious from the minimal instances of my blood pressure spiking up 🙂

We just need to continue to play with the same intensity and unity, and we should be able to give the rest of the teams a run for their money.


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