Foodie Friday: Kopi Kopi

Kopi-Kopi is a quaint little coffee shop located in my old subdivision.

Just a few meters away from the basketball court, it was the perfect location for me to hang-out while waiting for our games. Not only that, they offered free WiFi (for a minimum purchase of P200) which is a definite plus for geeks like myself. I also love it since the place does not get too crowded, allowing me to concentrate on my work.

To learn more about the coffee shop, check out their website, which by the way looks really slick. You can also visit their Facebook pageWarning: The website is so slick that it can really raise your expectations. Unfortunately, it may raise it a little too much and you will end up disappointed. I mean, it’s nice and all but the pictures of the shop and the food looked way more appetizing than they really are in person.

Here’s my brief review of their offerings:

:: I love their White Chocolate Mocha (although it can be a tad too sweet for some). I loved it so much that I failed to take a picture. =P
:: The pastries were pretty good. Not oh-my-god-that-was-amazing-good but not bad either. I’ve only tried the cream puff and the coffee buns though.
:: The Kopi Rice with the Lechon Kawali toppings was really good, especially since it was really affordable. Unfortunately though, they seem to be cutting back on costs since the last time I ate there. Check out these two pictures. I’m sure you’ll notice how much they cut-down on the lechon kawali 🙁

2011-05-07 Kopi Rice w/ Lecho Kawali Toppings
2011-05-07 Kopi Rice w/ Lecho Kawali Toppings


2011-06-03 Kopi Rice w/ Lecho Kawali Toppings
2011-06-03 Kopi Rice w/ Lecho Kawali Toppings


Location and Contact Info:

Village East Avenue,
Village East Executive Homes,
Cainta, Rizal
View on Google Maps
(02) 240-5068

Open daily from 6:30am to 12mn.

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