The Final Destination

This summer, the Village East Basketball League will witness the last hurrah of one of the longest running “franchise” in its history,Ruby Soho.

As one of it’s pioneer members, I cannot help but reminisce about our team’s colorful history.

Thanks to the always reliable memory of Michael Villar for helping me with some of these Ruby Soho facts.

Ruby Soho

1996 to 2011 (15 years)

  • Started in 1996
    • First name was Jobworks (sponsored by Dozz’s late father, Mr. Randolph Suguitan)
  • The team name Ruby Soho was derived from a song by the punk-ska band, Rancid.
    • The chorus of the song, “Destination Unknown!!! Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Soho!” is now the anthemic cheer of the team.
    • Prior to this, other names were considered such as Goldfinger and Uncle Bhoy’s Boys.
  • Midget Champion from 1996-1998
    • The first three-peat champion in the midget division
  • Skipped the Juniors Division
  • Made it to the 2001 Senior Division Finals during their rookie season
    • This was a great achievement given the team’s “junior” roster
    • They eventually lost to the veteran and reigning Seniors champions, Main Man (led by Michael Balane and KC Inong)
  • Back-to-Back champions in the Seniors Division (2005-06)
  • This past decade, the team has made it to the finals six times
    • 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010
    • The 2008 and 2010 teams were composed mostly of younger, more athletically-gifted but inexperienced players from the Enema core team (former champions of the Juniors division)
  • Michael Villar and Ryan Salvanera are the only remaining pioneer members that joined the team in 1996.
    • Michael Villar is a 5-time league MVP (1996, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2006).
    • Other member who became league MVP was KC Inong in 2005
  • Many consider the battles between Ruby Soho and Escapades as the best series of all-time
    • Their bloody battles were action-packed and had the best melodramatic finishes
    • Ruby Soho won these battles
  • Still, the best rivalry has always been that of Ruby Soho against A.D. (Air Destruct)
    • This definitely deserves a whole article on its own
  • The team’s full-court press defense was called “Roots Radical” while the motion offense play was called “Timebomb”
  • The 1996 Original Team
    1. Jay Alba
    2. Boyeth Conde
    3. Chester Hausam
    4. Kenneth Ignacio
    5. Ritchie Javiniar
    6. Jojo Lazan
    7. Richard Nove
    8. Allan Pagulayan
    9. Ronnie Riofrio
    10. Joemar Salazar
    11. Ryan Salvanera
    12. Ace Santos
    13. Dozz Suguitan
    14. Michael Villar

It was great to look back for a moment… but for now, we will shift our attention back to what’s ahead of us. We will focus on making that coveted trophy a part of our Final Destination!

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Soho! Let’s Go!

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