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When CrossFit Manila opened a couple of months ago (or was it a year ago), I was really interested in checking it out. I’ve heard some great reviews about it and even saw my idol Sir Charles doing CrossFit workouts. Unfortunately, the branch in Eastwood was really inconvenient for me.

A couple of weeks ago, my brother sent me an email about free CrossFit trials in a gym close to where I worked. Since my brother had no interest in joining, I decided to just extend the invite to my friends. Luckily, I was able to convince some good ol’ YFC friends, Kaye and TJ.

Here are the workouts we were asked to do (click on the names to view video)

  • Burpees
    The difference with what I did from the video was that I did more of a full push-up. That might have made it a little more difficult for me.
  • Toes to Bar
    As y’all might expect, no, my toes did not reach the bar. In fact, they did not go anywhere close it. They probably went as high up as my waist as I swung with all  my might. Anyway, the trainer said that was good enough.
  • Jump Box
    I think my jump box was probably half as high as the one on the video. Still, for me, this was the easiest workout since I have pretty well developed leg muscles.

We were supposed to do 30-20-10 reps of each workout but after 15mins, the trainer already told us to stop (I only completed 2 sets of Burpees and Toes to Bar, and 1 of Jump Box). Still, I was huffing and puffing like crazy, and Kaye was already giving me that “I’ll kill you look…”

Feedback about the trial:

  • Good:
    • It was really intense. So intense that we were still feeling the effects 2-3 days after… and that was for a mere 15-min workout.
    • The receptionist and SOME trainers were really friendly.
  • Bad:
    • The warm-up/stretching was dumb. I do NOT think push-ups should be used for warming up. This probably contributed to the after effects (see above) but I don’t think that’s right.
    • The trainer (at least the one who conducted the orientation) had this arrogant aura around him. I don’t think I saw him smile even once.
    • As far as I know, the trial was supposed to last 30mins. The trainer (yes, the arrogant one) did not offer any explanation why he stopped it at 15mins.

Despite the bad, I really still  wanted to sign up. After all, the bad I mentioned was more of the trial experience and not the workout (but somebody there should really tell that arrogant trainer off… it is still a turn off) . However, I just don’t think I can maximize the monthly fees given my schedule right now.

For those interested to learn more about CrossFit, here’s a short video I found on YouTube. You may also contact CrossFit Global City ( if you are interested in getting a free trial

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