Coaching the Coach


One of my biggest dreams is to become a life coach.

I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from seeing the people I have coached become successful. But, I guess, the greatest feeling really comes when someone I’ve coached acknowledges that help.

With this in mind, I would like to dedicate my first article to the people who have helped shaped me, not physically of course (I did that on my own). I would not have been the coach, the team lead, the manager and the man that I am now if not for these people who have coached me along the way.

I will not explain the contribution of any single individual or group as each would probably merit an article each.

  • God
  • My family
  • My Bosses
    • Vivian Sy
    • Brian Co
    • Ish Camaso
    • Glendy Infante
  • Tres Amigos
    • Ej Cruz
    • Adelle Visitacion
    • Lei Ang
  • Austin Amigos
    • Mike Arguello
    • Julian Pachon
  • CFC Community
    • Bebelle Conde
    • Pollie & Chit Dumlao
    • Mel & Daday de Leon
    • Tops & Daisy Araza
    • Koots & Ichel Alignay
  • Moonlighting Buddies
    • Markus Rufino
    • Rey Mendoza

I’m also pretty sure that I’ve missed out other folks who were just as influential so I apologize in advance. I will do my best to update this list.

Despite the long (incomplete) list, these are only the folks who have personally touched my life. Apart from them, there are still others who have influnced me indirectly. These are the ones who coached and mentored me through their books, articles and blogs.

The most note-worthy are:

  1. Bo Sanchez
  2. John Maxwell
  3. Randy Pausch
  4. James Bach
  5. Stephen Covey

How about you? Do you have your personal (or ever impersonal) mentors and coaches?


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